I'm the Be in JoBe

It's true folks. A professional photographer has an iPhone photo as her profile image. It's just the way it goes when you're the mother to four kids under 8. I wouldn't have it any other way, either.


To give you a quick idea of who I am and my professional experience in a few sentences...


I'm Becky Catlett and five years ago I stepped away from photojournalism after 11 years in the industry. The sole purpose is to focus on my family. That means I have more time to explore the million other outlets photography provides. I'm heavily involved in marketing material, head shots, product photography and other visual business solutions. Family portraits, newborns, high school seniors and couples definitely find their way onto my schedule. My workload is eclectic and it seems that's the way it'll be. At least for now.


I believe that your coming to me for my expertise therefore that is where your money goes. I'm not heavy into add-on products but I'll develop them for you if that is your thing. If you would like to take your images to be printed elsewhere you won't hurt my feelings. Just please give credit where credit is due when posting my images to your social media apps. I flex for my clients as much as possible because there aren't too many certainties in our daily lives. The only certainty I can offer my clients is that I will undoubtedly spend way more time on your photo shoot and on your images than you are actually paying for. Perhaps bad business practice but that's just who I am.


Other things I love...music, creating artwork of all varieties, watching my kids master a new skill, hiking, running, God, sushi, my amazing husband, growing veggies and cooking. I'll talk food all day long.


One day I'll get a proper profile photo. But for now I'm happy to give my eldest daughter the photo credit. So very nice to meet you my hopefully future client.